Moradillo | Legal Warning
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1. Company information

In accordance with article 10 of the Law 34/2002, 11 July, Services of the Information and Electronic Commerce Society, the company identification details are stated below.

Tapizados Moradillo S.A.


P.I. Cobo Calleja, C/ Toca,7 

28947.- Feunlabrada




Email address:

2. Intellectual Property

The source code, graphic designs, pictures, photographs, sounds, animations, software, texts, as well as the information and the contents which have been included under the corporate name are protected by Spanish legislation for the rights of intellectual and industrial property in favour of the corporate name of the company. It is forbidden to totally or partially reproduce and/or publish the website, as well as the information technology, its distribution, its diffusion, or its modification, transformation or decompiling, or the remaining rights legally acknowledged by the owner, without prior written permission from the company.

The user is the sole and exclusive person entitled to use the material that appears on this website for personal and private use. It is forbidden to use the information for commercial use or for committing unlawful activities. All the rights that derive from the intellectual property are specifically reserved for the corporate name.

Tapizados Moradillo, S.A. is responsible for complying with the conditions above, as well as for using the contents that appear on its website with the due consideration, carrying out all the civil and penal actions that correspond in the case of offence or the noncompliance of these rights on the part of the user.

3. The protection of data of a personal nature

Within the framework of the compliance of the legislation currently in force, stated in the 15/1999 Organic Law, 13 December, in relation to Data of a Personal Nature (LOPD), whose object is to guarantee and protect, regarding the treatment of the personal data, freedom and fundamental rights of physical people and especially the honour and personal privacy, the corporate name informs users that: the corporate name has adopted the technical and organisational measures in accordance with what is stated in the standards currently in force.

The Data of a Personal Nature which includes the corporate name is treated automatically and is duly incorporated and registered in the Data Protection Agency, whose ownership corresponds to the corporate name. The Data of a personal nature that has been obtained from the completion of the registration form is transferred to the competent National or International Registering Authority. This transference has the sole and exclusive aim of complying with the objectives that are directly related to the legitimate functions of the assigner (the company) by means of the contract, that is, the contractual relationship which in this case has been established with the corporate name, as well as the carrying out the tasks of information, training, commercialisation (this last task is always identified as such) and other activities that are carried out by the company.

Tapizados Moradillo, S.A. has adopted the appropriate levels of security to the data it receives and it has also installed all the available technical means and measures, in order to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorised access and theft of data of the data it has been provided with. At all times, the user will be able to exercise his rights acknowledged by the LOPD in relation to the access, rectification, cancellation and opposition.

4. Miscellaneous

A.- Tapizados Moradillo, S.A. uses cookies which will be stored inside the computer. Cookies are small files which are sent by our computers to yours, but they do not provide information about your name or any other personal information about you. The cookies we use cannot read data from your computer or read the existing data on your computer.

When the user is browsing the company’s website, the server automatically recognises the computer IP address, the day and the time at which the visit started and the visit finalised, as well as the what information about the different sections was consulted. The server needs to know this data in order to be able to establish communication and answer the petition which was made. This is shown on the screen by the navigator.

If you wish, you can set up your computer in such a way you will receive a warning if a cookie is going to be received. The user can set up the computer in such a way cookies will be unable to enter. This will not stop you from obtaining information from the company’s website.

B.- Tapizados Moradillo, S. A. can modify the information that appears on the website, as well as the configuration and presentation with no previous warning.

C.- Tapizados Moradillo, S. A. promises NOT to publish MISLEADING ADVERTISING by means of this media. To these effects, therefore, any formal or numeric errors that may appear among the contents of the company’s website, produced due to the consequences of an incomplete or faulty maintenance and/or up-date of the information stored in these sections. As a consequence of what is stated above, Tapizados Moradillo, S. A. promises to correct the errors as soon as they are discovered.

D.- Tapizados Moradillo, S. A. promises NOT TO ISSUE COMMERCIAL COMMUNICATIONS WITHOUT IDENTIFICATING THEM AS SUCH, in accordance to what is stated in the 34/2002 Law of the Services for the Society of Information and electronic commerce. To these effects, the information that is sent to THE CUSTOMERS on behalf of the company will not be considered commercial communication, as long as it is sent with the objective of maintaining the contractual relationship that exists between the customer and the corporate name, as well as for performing training and information tasks and other activities that are carried out by the company and which have been contracted by the customer.

E.- Tapizados Moradillo, S. A. is not responsible for the noncompliance of any applicable rule on the part of the user when visiting the company’s website and/or in the use of the information it contains

F.- Tapizados Moradillo, S. A. is not responsible for any damages that are produced or that may be produced, whatever the nature, that derive from the use of information, the material contained on this website and the programs that it incorporates. The company is not responsible for the information or any of the effects that could be caused from using the links and hypertext that enable the user to gain access to benefits and services offered by third parties that are not under the control of the corporate name, but are reached by means of the company website.

G.- Tapizados Moradillo, S. A. is not responsible for the illegitimate use that third parties may apply to brand names, product names, commercial brands that, without belonging to the aforementioned entity, appear on the company’s website. It is not responsible either for the integrity, truth and illicitness of the contents of the links to the websites that can be reached from the company’s website.

H.- Tapizados Moradillo, S. A. is not responsible for the viruses that originate from a telematic transmission that has been infiltrated by third parties (for example, text processor macros, Java applets and Active X programs) generated with the aim of obtaining negative results for the information system.


I.- In conclusion, the User is the sole person responsible for the use which is derived from the services, contents, links and hypertext included on the company’s website.