Brand New Corporate Image

Moradillo launches a new corporate image for Espacios and Stores, full of light and elegance.

Recycled OSB wood panels -an ecological and innovative element in decoration- lines the walls combined with the new corporate blue colour. In terms of flooring, a generous and warm natural-wool carpet tops off the group, creating a clear, warm and sparkling-free environment.

The quest for that perfect atmosphere has also inspired new elements to decorate the ultimate Espacios and Stores. We are talking about charming ambient light generated by strategically placed light boxes, or the brand new double-L Moradillo symbol. A decorative element that represents precisely the peculiarity, robustness, design and elegant simplicity that lies in the DNA of our models.

In other words, we are creating environments where ease and relaxation can be breathed, Espacios and Stores carefully designed to try and enjoy calmly each model, getting advice from the best Moradillo’s product experts. All with the aim of providing to our customers a superlative experience, unique in our sector, tailored to their expectations.