Celebrating our 45th Anniversary

Turning 45 seems like a lot; Or not that much?

May seem like a long time, because it means many years of experience and well learned know-how; Hundreds of thousands of products manufactured with their corresponding hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers, to whom we have so much to thank; And above it all, it may seem a lot because it means that we have been able to gain your trust along all these years, what is a priceless gift that we try to reciprocate upgrading our product, upgrading its quality and upgrading our customer service at all levels in the company.

But at the same time, 45 years may also be not such a long time due to the huge amount of new projects that are still to carry out. Because the desks of our designers are a hive of amazing ideas and designs that deserve to come into reality; Because thanks to the technological innovations we enjoy day after day of the challenge of perfecting even more the quality of our products, without losing our artisanal touch; And because once the firm got consolidated in our local market, we decided to spread our philosophy of customer service and product beyond our borders and nowadays Moradillo’s product is recognized in many countries all around the world as a top quality Spanish product.

Regardless of whether 45 years could be a long or a short period of time, to all our customers, our suppliers, the workers who make this company in the present and all those who formed it in the past, to all those who one way or another have made it possible, we’d like to tell: Thank you for joining us on this magnificent journey up to 45 years. We’re ready to enjoy together the next 45 years!