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If you are a professional distributor or retailer, in order to bring you a prompt response please contact with our export department through the e-mail

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Here is a selection of frequently asked questions to help you to resolve quickly and easily the most common doubts.

Can I place an order directly to the factory?

We do not make direct sales to final consumers. The sales process is carried out exclusively by our retailers. To inform you about your nearest point of sale, please complete our inquiry form.

How to act in case of doubt or incidence?

You should contact the point of sale where you purchased your Moradillo product. Only your retailer is aware about the product and conditions regarding your order, and they will be able to carry out every necessary action to provide the most appropriate solution.

I like one of your sofas. How much does it cost?

All our models are extensively customizable and are manufactured to measure according to your needs, so it is impossible to provide a price without having previously determined the model, measurements, upholstery and finishing details of your own Moradillo. Your nearest Moradillo retailer will inform you about the models, will show you the upholsteries and finishes available and will give you the best advice regarding the most suitable product, configuration and measurements for your needs. Only the, they will be able to provide you with a budget adjusted to your preferences.

Are the measurements on datasheet absolutely exact?

The measurements showed in the technical data sheets of all our products are always indicative, with a tolerance margin of +/- 3 or 4 centimetres in any module. This fact is typical in every handmade product, as each unit is actually unique. In addition, our products have soft filings, the perimeters are not linear but curved, there are upholsteries with greater or lesser tension, etc.. Therefore, it is impossible to assign to the products exact measurements that can be replicated in every unit.