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Are you looking for a sofa that offers extreme relaxation and that will remain in perfect condition after years of use? The KUMO sofa is for you.


With its XXL seating configuration, this sofa increases functionality and comfort. It is offered in 105 or 115 cm sofa depth at your choice, making it a “must have” for embracing seating lovers. In addition, KUMO features fillings with a high percentage of eco-friendly feather for an even more welcoming feel and the latest suspension technology that offers greater comfort. It also incorporates a 25 cm wide arm, multiplying the aesthetic impact of the sofa.


You can customize it by choosing between many sectional modules and choosing every detail of its upholstery and finishing. Not enough? KUMO features fully removable cover. Because a design sofa can also be practical.

Upholstery advice


Due to the characteristics of this product, it shouldn’t be upholstered with inflexible or synthetic fabrics which do not allow the hang and breathability required by the cushion fillings.


We recommend using only fabrics with natural fibers, breathable, light and with good drape, according with the personality and requirements of this model.


Our NATURE-Touch Collection includes a wide selection of versatile natural fabrics with all these characteristics. In addition, those fabrics in the collection marked as have at least 70% natural fibres in their composition and the highest environmental certifications.


The passion for the handcrafted techniques of our designers together with the combination of natural materials has inspired our new collection called “Casual”.

A new range of sofas and armchairs that emphasize comfort and casual style for a relaxed and serene user experience.

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